Liv is still furious over the news of Rebecca's pregnancy and sets out with the intention to cause some drama at Home Farm. She goes to extreme lengths and steals Robert's car keys and the alcohol that made Lawrence sick. Later, she takes a big gulp from the bottle before passing out in a ditch and has to be rushed to hospital. Aaron is furious when the truth about Robert's actions becomes apparent.

Still furious about the news of Rebecca's pregnancy, Liv goes round to Home Farm and causes a scene. In the end, she steals Robert's car keys and the bottle of brandy that made Lawrence so unwell.

It becomes obvious to Adam that Victoria still cares for him

Elsewhere, Victoria says she still has feelings for Adam, which gives him some hope. When he puts two and two together and realises that she didn't attend the festival in order to nurse him back to health, they share a passionate kiss.

Later in the week, as Rebecca leaves to meet a potential investor, Robert offers to keep an eye on Lawrence.

As Gabby arrives back home with Bernice, Arthur is concerned that Gabby will be annoyed with him over the memory card being ruined while she was absent. How will Gabby feel to find out the material of her father has been deleted? 

And, Marlon makes an intervention!