Ash is severely injured as he stumbles out of the garage after being beaten up by Zannis's thugs. To make matters worse, he finds that his tyres have been punctured, forcing him to call an unsuspecting Justin for help. Justin finds Ash, who reveals that Zannis is trying to skip town and that his message was for Kat and Brody to stay away.

Elsewhere, Alf hands Justin a copy of the newspaper, showing that a shooting has occurred in the nightclub where Phoebe was performing. A worried Justin tries to get into contact with Phoebe to make sure she is okay. She returns his call and what starts as a friendly catch-up ends with her telling him that she has met someone.

Meanwhile, Scarlett finds out who Phoebe is and about her new boyfriend. She confronts Justin about this, realising that he doesn't want her and was only looking for a rebound. She also tells him about how he called her Phoebe.

Later in the week, Ziggy is delighted when she is offered a job at the garage and makes an attempt to rebuild her relationship with Maggie.