Tyler takes Hamish to see the boat he inherited. He admits that he has unresolved feelings towards Russell, but thinks Aaron's method of ringing Russell's phone and leaving messages is silly.

Hamish talks him out of this attitude – he should definitely share his thoughts anonymously with his dad's lost phone. However, after Tyler pours out his heart, we see that Hamish has Russell's phone and is listening in on the message Tyler left.

Elsewhere, at the school formal, Xanthe is concerned when she learns from Freya that Yashvi has been letting people think that she and Ben are friends with benefits. Xanthe confronts Yashvi, who guiltily comes clean but begs her to keep quiet until the formal is over. Xanthe must make a choice.

Meanwhile, Paige's feelings for Mark come to a head and she's advised by Jack to vent her confusion on paper. Coincidentally, the wishing tree idea takes off and secrets begin coming in from all over Erinsborough. Unfortunately, Paige's heartfelt note is accidentally collected as a secret and hung on the tree by Steph. In another misunderstanding, Elly witnesses it and wrongly assumes that Paige's note is Steph's secret.

Later in the week, Toadie is concerned when Nell has an intense and out-of-character tantrum while Mark is looking after her. Scared, Toadie decides to make an appointment for Nell with the child psychologist. But how will Sonya take him doing this without her consent?