This week on Emmerdale, Leyla is devastated - her relationship with Pete is over and she found out he slept with her best friend Priya.

Her wedding day was a complete disaster and to add insult to injury she owes her dress designer money and hasn't got enough to cover it.

Leyla decides to get one last wear out of her wedding gown and gets drunk wearing it. David is shocked when he finds her slumped on the ground in the gown. He offers to loan her the money for the dress, but this decision is likely to infuriate his wife Tracy.

Elsewhere, Debbie is in trouble when the flashy car that was the linchpin of her business is stolen and the insurers won't pay out. Ross urges his ex to come clean to Charity, but will Debbie listen to him?

Later, Debbie goes to meet a wealthy new client in a penthouse. She is introduced to a handsome young man but presumes he is a butler. She is mortified when she realises he is the client - will she end up getting along with him?

Debbie mistakes her wealthy new client for a butler - can she rectify her mistake?