Niamh is delighted to have scored a job assisting Dee with her legal work, until one case in particular presents a huge moral dilemma for her. Will this eye-opener push Niamh to make a drastic decision about her future?

Baby Jay is the apple of everyone's eye but little Áine is feeling sidelined by her new nephew. She decides to lay a little guilt on Frances. Will Tadhg and Frances notice Áine's cry for attention?

Following her blind date disaster, Laoise is ready to give up on love. Eric's kind words put her mind at ease however and he encourages her to give online dating another go. Laoise feels hopeful, until a disapproving Máire gives her a piece of her mind.

Laoise takes Eric's advice and gives online dating one more chance. She is mortified when her date is a no-show but her evening takes an unexpected turn when Eric asks her to meet up! Could Eric and Laoise's friendship blossom into romance?

Annette makes her feelings for David very clear with a bold gesture, much to Tadhg's amusement! David is gobsmacked, and realises that Gráinne's suspicions were spot on. He'll in big trouble if Tadhg spills the beans to Gráinne…