Mo is still on edge after Anto’s attack. She’s really looking forward to a girly getaway until Janice cancels at the last minute. Gráinne spots an opportunity to play Cupid, however, and tries to get Colm to accompany her instead. Will Gráinne’s plan to get Mo and Colm together succeed?

Katy is growing tired of Jason’s excuses and reluctance to bond with baby Jay. She feels hurt and can’t understand why he’s being so distant from the baby. Will John Joe’s reassurance and wise words put her mind at ease?

Niamh digs up a big piece of evidence to get Annette discredited and is delighted to earn her father’s respect. Little does he know what she’s been doing in order to pass her final college exams. Big trouble for Niamh when her parents find out what she’s up to...

Laoise takes a leap into the world of online dating, and scores a blind date. Will it be love at first sight or a blind disaster? Mack twists Dee’s arm and plans a family get together in an effort to build bridges between Dee and Katy.

The incident with Mack and Katy has well and truly destroyed the family dynamic, and the tension is palpable between both couples. Jason propositions Katy with a very tempting offer to get away from the pressure of it all.

Exam pressure is mounting for Niamh, and the stress is really getting her down. Her mum’s anger and disappointment in finding out about her study scheme quickly turns to concern. Will Niamh listen to her mother’s advice?