This week on Coronation Street, Ken Barlow is unable to remember who pushed him and left him for dead.

In the hospital, Mackinnon hints that a family member could be responsible. Ken eyes his family suspiciously and suddenly hits the panic button.

Elsewhere, Adam admits he never went back to Canada and Tracy, Daniel and Peter are even more wary of his lies. Adam threatens to expose Rosie's drug smuggling, will she give him an alibi?

When Ken admits to the police that his family could have motives for attacking him, Mackinnon questions Adam who says he was with Rosie on the night of the attack. Will she confirm his lie?

Meanwhile, Bethany comes across a picture of Nathan kissing Mel on Mel’s laptop and she’s furious.

And when Rita gives Freddie £1 for the fruit machine and he wins the jackpot. Will he give her a fair share?