Ricky worries that Brax won’t testify against her and that this will get him in trouble. She has accepted that she’s going to prison but Brax isn’t the only witness subpoenaed with Casey, Heath, Tamara and Kyle all called to the stand.

Brax tries to get Casey to downplay Ricky’s guilt but Casey isn’t going to play along. Tensions mount between him and Ricky and Casey makes it clear he wants her to pay for what she’s done. He points out that lying in court could send him back to prison and even though Brax knows this he doesn’t support his brother and Casey feels Brax will choose Ricky over him.

Tamara is upset to be subpoaenaed as she can’t remember anything and Brax advises her to tell the truth and tell the court that she remembers nothing but she is still afraid as she’s begun to remember parts of her kidnapping. When Kyle lashes out at Ricky, Tamara is inundated with flashbacks of Ricky helping her.

Dex asks April to officially move in with him and she agrees. They worry about how Indi will take the news but she is over the moon and offers them Sid’s old bedroom. They throw a party to celebrate their fresh start and when Casey turns up drunk Indi puts him to bed in their spare room but when he kisses her she is shocked.

When Casey wakes up the next morning and remembers trying to kiss his boss he is mortified and tries to avoid her but when she quizzes him on what he remembers from the night before he lies and says he remembers nothing. When she confronts him he apologises.

Sally’s researching options to get Pippa into the trial program but despite her hope, the cracks are starting to show and she snaps at Roo when she tries to help. Alf promises Sally they will get the money together to pay for the trial and when they offer to let her sell the house and caravan park Sally is overwhelmed. Even though she doesn’t want to sell the house it is her only option.

Leah is worried that VJ might have the same disease that Pippa has and she offers to lend Sally money for Pippa’s trial.

Pippa wants to start school in Summer Bay but Sally deflects the situation and prepares herself to tell Pippa about her illness but she decides to keep her in the dark until she can afford to start her in the trial.

Maddy invests herself greatly in how Spencer is dealing with his breakup and she wants to be friends again but Spencer rebuffs her. Spencer is confused about his relationships with Maddy and Sasha and he makes up with Maddy after Harvey advises him that he could use a friend.

Heath doesn’t want to go to Bianca’s principal’s dinner and says he won’t wear a suit. Bianca wants him to go but Zac isn’t sure if he’ll come through for her. Indi urges Heath to work out his priorities and support Bianca so he offers to go to the dinner but she is unimpressed with his attitude and is hurt he isn’t supporting her.