As Adam prepares to deliver the final, fatal bullet to an unconscious Brax, Ricky manages to get free and disarm Adam. She gets Brax to hospital where the police are waiting to question Ricky for her part in the setup of Kyle and Casey. Heath blames Ricky for Brax’s plight, and Ricky admits that she is at fault. She tells Sgt Emerson her version of events that should clear Casey and Kyle if she makes an official statement.

Elsewhere, after pressure from Heath and the cops, Adam reveals he filled Brax’s IV with potassium, which enables Sid, Dex and April to stabalise him. Dex reels from seeing firsthand what it must have been like for his loved ones when they tried to revive him. Dex finds his own patient file from his accident and reads through it. He wants to get a handle on what Sid had to go through. He asks Sid what the difference is between someone who makes it and someone who doesn’t.

Meanwhile, Leah, VJ and Irene return to the Bay, receiving a warm reception from Marilyn, Roo and Jett. VJ and Jett catch up on the beach, whilst making fun at Harvey who is covering for John on Lifesaver duty. Jett reveals to VJ that he has a girlfriend now and he’d like him to meet her. Leah is acting distant, and on hearing that Brax has been shot by Adam Sharpe she is clearly concerned to discover that he is still around. Her nerves get the better of her when she brandishes a fry-pan at Kyle after finding him in her house.

Later in the week, Roo and Harvey decide to wait for Spencer to break the news of his relationship to Maddy. Maddy feels embarrassed about her jealousy and apologises to Spencer, making it harder for him to admit to her he has feelings for Sasha. Feeling guilty, Sasha and Spencer agree to be “just friends” until they tell Maddy.

Also, Indi catches Sasha checking Spencer out and after some heavy interrogation, forces her to say that she likes him. However, Sasha is reluctant to pursue it, to avoid hurting Maddy. After probing Harvey for information, Indi determines that Sasha’s feelings for Spencer aren’t one sided. Sasha is nervous around Spencer which isn’t helped by Indi arranging her to be Spencer’s audition Guinea pig for the gym job.