RTÉ Ten caught up  with one-third of the Three Phantoms, Matthew Cammell, to find out what audiences can expect from their opera tribute show.

RTÉ TEN: Tell us a bit about  the Three the Three Phantoms?                                                                       Matthew Cammell: We've all played 'The Phantom' in the West End. We got together a few years ago and decided that having three of us on stage at the same time would be a great, unique selling point. We sing songs from 22 different shows ranging from The King and I to the modern day - The Book of Mormom. Of course, at the end of it, there is a focus on The Phantom of the Opera. We sing some beautiful three-part harmonies.

Out of the 22 songs that you perform. What is your favourite and why?
Gosh. That's a hard one. Strangely, my favourite song is Unchained Melody from Ghost. It's been done so many times, but we do some beautiful three-part arrangements. It's absolutely lovely and a real gentle piece.

Have you had the privilege of meeting Andrew Lloyd Webber yet?
Oh yes! I've met him on several occasions. He keeps a close eye on his shows. He often pops in. He has never directly given me advice. He tends to pass it on to your resident director instead. He's never offered any major advice if I'm honest.  

What is your earliest theatre memory?
The first show I ever went to see was Godspell in the late seventies.  

The three of you must feel like family at this stage. Any brotherly tiffs on the road?
We've all known each other for a really long time. There's a good bit of camaraderie between us. It's inevitable that we have little tiffs here and there. But nothing too serious. It's always pretty light-hearted.

Back in the day, would you have entered a reality singing competition like X Factor?
I can understand why people do that. Certainly with the sensibility that I have now, I probably would have avoided that sort of thing. It's kind of flash in the pan. I'd prefer to build a career and come up the ranks.

Do you think people's attitudes to musicals have changed?
Yeah, absolutely! It's always been popular but I don't think there was ever any kind of stigma attached to it. Recently at one of our shows, there was a young guy in the audience, and his mum came up to us and said 'He always hated musicals but he thinks you guys are awesome. That was nice!

If you could pick one artist to duet with. Who would it be and why?
The person I would most like to duet with is David Bowie because he is my hero. But I don't think our voices would go too well together. I'm a bit too classical for him. But he did duet with Bill Cosby once, so you never know.

What do you make of your Irish fans?
I've been to Dublin a few times with shows. I always find that the Irish audiences are amazing and warm. They are always up for the craic. We are completely looking forward to performing there.

Christmas is fast approaching. Any fun plans?
I'm working straight after Christmas. I've got a series of concerts from the 27-30. Sadly, I'm going to have to look after myself, which means I can't take in too much wine. The perils of the job I'm afraid. When the work is there you have to take it.

You can see the Three Phantoms at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre from 19-20 November.