In recent months, both Alice Cooper and Kiss have discussed the possibility that younger musicians and singers could ultimately take over their iconic stage personas and keep the show on the road while they take it easy before the great gig in the sky.

It's hard to see Cooper and Kiss' enfants terribles Slipknot, or their fans, ever entertaining such an idea: the songs are just too personal. And as the aptly-titled We Are Not Your Kind proves, the nostalgia circuit will never be their thing.

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For a band about to celebrate its 25th anniversary, Slipknot still feel remarkably fresh and hungry on their sixth album - another over-the-hour epic that's arguably the best thing they've done since seminal 2001 record Iowa.

If you lost track of them somewhere between back then and now you really should hear them out about rekindling the relationship. You've changed down the years, and so have they.

Although Slipknot's unhinged rage has lost none of its heat, the understanding of dynamics, risk-taking and vulnerability that have seeped into their sound have transformed them into a more powerful outfit than even they could have envisioned starting out. 

Billeted with the bangers on We Are Not Your Kind are [deep breath]: clean vocals, instantly memorable choruses, choirs, acoustic guitars and drama that's closer to the big screen than the mosh pit.

Ultimately, it's the stuff that's least expected from the nine-piece that you end up remembering the most. Would that other bruiser behemoths could throw the dice with the same conviction.

This is the work of a band on a roll - now hurry up with whatever comes next.