Like many a great outfit before them, there is something truly odd about listening to the bass and drums duo of Al Cisneros and Emil Amos during daylight hours. Once dusk falls, however, their Advaitic Songs begins to make a sense and take on a power all its own, a beguiling marriage of world music and doom, where tabla and cellos have as much clout as a distorted Rickenbacker.

With richly atmospheric strings, Amos' drum fills epic quests in themselves and Cisneros managing to make even mouthfuls like "Nicodemus awaits in vigil weeping" hummable, this is the kind of headspace-expanding album that's perfect for night-time holiday wanderings or, indeed, those small hours at home when shut-eye is another country. While a cover of Walk Like an Egyptian is, at best, aeons away, this is Om at their most accessible, proving that they deserve the support of far bigger acts and the chance to work their magic on a major film soundtrack - they've the muscles for everything from swords-and-sandals actioners to psychological thrillers.

Cisneros is already a legend for his work with stoner icons Sleep (their one-song, 52-minute masterpiece Dopesmoker has recently been reissued), but this "suite" says that even greater acclaim and adventure await for himself and Amos further up the dusty desert road.

Now, if only a truly wise and generous benefactor could help them record with a full orchestra... After listening to this, you might even start the fundraising yourself.

Om play Dublin's Twisted Pepper on Thursday September 27. Robes optional.

Harry Guerin