Teachers by day and crack commandos of kinetic guitar `n’ drum rock by night, this terrific Dublin duo cook up a brilliant racket on their debut. Conall Ó Breacháin and John Duignan let fly with great volleys of drums and sharp-edged guitar on an album that’s always on the move, from the spiralling fury of Three People, to the archly comic Go Easy, to the thrilling punch of The Male Mind. There are moments of Villagers-like reverie on Dumb Blonde, a love song written with rueful regret, and the graceful A Pirate’s Life. The shared vocals have an unhinged quality throughout, often teetering on a verge of frantic overspill and it says a lot about We Cut Corners that they manage to crowbar a mini Arcade Fire maelstrom into Say Yes to Everything. Clocking in at under a half hour in length this album of three minute gems makes We Cut Corners the most exciting Irish act since The Immediate.

Alan Corr