Have you heard they've created a monster in the sunny south-east? No need to take to the garden shed with torches and a crate of Batchelors, though: this is a friendly beast that will have you cheering it on while wondering how best to spread the word about the way it can put a smile on people's faces.

Although some post-rock can be po-faced and a bit too lads-centric, there's something so upbeat and inclusive about Adebisi Shank's guitar, bass, drums and mischief with electronics that just makes dancing a must.

Here there are more ideas in one song than some manage on an album, but things don't become too noodly - no mental wandering to the ironing or fighting the sleepiness that usually only comes after a kebab on the NiteLink home.

The riffs are huge, the rhythm section can probably start and finish each other's sentences and whether you love Maiden, Can or both you'll find something to enjoy.

There's next to nothing in the way of vocals, but if you listen very closely you'll swear by the end that someone has said: "Hang on, we can take our sound wherever we want!"

Plenty will follow.

Harry Guerin