Nirvana with Sonic Youth, Thin Lizzy with Queen, Van Halen with Black Sabbath... music history is full of the support bands who blew the headliners away. Here's someone else who would have anyone fretting in the wings.

From Dublin, and with a portal back to that 1950s double bass sound, Imelda May serves up the sass and swing with such conviction that everything could've been an 'A' or 'B'-side back in the day.

It's the usual stories of men and molls - very catchy and built for playing live - but the most exciting thing about 'Love Tattoo' is when she slows it down for the torch songs.

On 'Falling in Love with You Again' and the album's best track, 'Meet You at Moon', May rises high above the good-times-bad-attitude music of the rest of the record and delivers songs that far bigger names should be jealous aren't theirs.

Someone to get very excited about - less rock, more Billie next time, please.

Harry Guerin