A cover image of a tightrope between Nelson's Pillar and The Spire, a preoccupation with all things aerial and some sax solos - played by comedian Pat Shortt... Strap yourself in for Headgear's debut album.

The brainchild of Daragh Dukes, 'Flight Cases' is one of those intriguing records where it's difficult to pinpoint the sound, a fact that allows its creator a piece of sky all his own. There are singer-songwriter elements here, but there's also a left-field energy running throughout that increases Dukes' appeal and suggests that where he goes next will be worth sticking around for.

On that journey from here to there one thing he needs to do is vary the tempo of his music - an over-reliance on one speed could be considered by some to be 'Flight Cases' sole drawback. That said, every song is strong and on 'To Heaven' Dukes takes to tormenting guitars and increased velocity with a zeal that shows that a holding pattern is the last thing on his mind.

Harry Guerin