A bittersweet part of loving music is listening to a favourite album and thinking that you were blessed to have been the perfect age when it came out, and then listening to another and wishing that it had been around at that time too.

In the case of Arctic Monkeys it seems fair to say that there are people from their 30s right up to bus pass age who wish they had a time machine to rewind the years and bring the band's songs back with them.

Just like their debut, 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not', 'Favourite Worst Nightmare' is one of those records that reruns all those feelings you got when you first started getting excited about music - the energy, the wonder, the belief the world is now a tiny better because of it.

And there's lots here to startle: their gift for making no filler no fuss music, the genius of the lyrics, a rhythm section ready to join the greats and an intensity which puts them so far ahead of others that the distance is too great to ever make up.

Best of all it seems the best is yet to come. While the likes of 'Brianstorm' and 'Teddy Picker' are even better than the gems from their first album, 'Only Ones Who Know' and '505' show a band who'll follow an idea to wherever it takes them.

Until then, like all your favourites, there's as much to enjoy on the 800th listen as there is on the first. During every one of them your smile will be bigger than any of the choruses - and that's really saying something.

Harry Guerin

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