With two acclaimed albums behind them, Kings of Leon broaden and deepen their sound on 'Because of the Times', an overlong record but one that also rewards.

Having shown their talent with memorable singles, the Followills - brothers Caleb, Nathan and Jared and cousin Matthew - begin 'Because of the Times' with 'Knocked Up', a brooding, seven-minute-plus song that mixes spooky atmospherics with a great riff.

Those heavier guitars appear elsewhere on the album - 'Charmer' owes a lot to The Pixies and is therefore addictive, 'On Call' offsets its menacing chug with a soaring vocal and 'My Party' has a groove that suggests it will be a treat live.

On 'The Runner', 'Trunk and 'Camaro' in the closing stages it's easier to lose interest but the Followills end the album like they started it with another standout slow track, the beautiful 'Arizona'. If album number four ventures into greatness, many won't be surprised.

Harry Guerin

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