If all the complaints and grievances from artists against the music industry could be documented and filed, the facility needed to store them would make the warehouse at the end of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' look like a garden shed.

Richard Swift is yet another who found himself rubbed up the wrong way but, unlike so many, his story has a happy ending.

Littered with references to his experiences in the business, 'Dressed Up for the Letdown' is a triumph for a man who took it all to heart so much that it affected his health.

Alternating between cheery and downbeat, Swift reveals himself to be a songwriter and arranger of great depth, whose best moments hold their own with anyone's. Across the magic number of 10 songs, he moves from outstanding pop ('Kisses for the Misses', 'The Songs of National Freedom') to darker material ('Artist and Repertoire', 'Ballad of You Know Who') with a grace which is more startling with every listen.

"I made my way into the spotlight, just to realise it's not what I want," he sings. With what he's achieved here in 36 minutes, it might be hard to stay out of it.

Harry Guerin