Beruit-born Mika promises big things from his music. "It was a magical world that you could live in. A parallel universe for people that is illusory and enchanting and amazing."

Is it all those things? Well, yes, yes and yes. Mika possesses an extraordinary ability to colour the world with his music - it's bright and breezy and charts a range of emotions from the serious end of the spectrum to the fun.

For the most part Mika's debut is cheesy pop - parallels could be drawn with the musical styles of the Scissor Sisters and Kylie Minogue - but also so much more. There's humour in the midst of the heartbreak here – and what's more great hooks, compulsive dance beats and wacky lyrics. Influences are many and varied, with elements of gospel, soul, electronica and dance all creeping in, to great effect.

His high-pitched vocals, somewhat reminiscent of the sounds of the Jackson Five, create a very distinctive sound throughout the diverse album. At times ever-changing Mika sounds like a choir boy ('Happy Ending'). At times he sounds like a disco diva ('Relax' and 'Grace Kelly') and then just a complete spoofer out to have some serious fun and forget the problems of the real world ('Billy Brown').

'Life in Cartoon Motion' is the kind of record that causes involuntary movements - the kind of record you'll play over and over again, to cheer you up when you're sad and remind you that fantasy is so much more entertaining than the real world. Mika puts the fun back into music when others are taking it all too seriously. This cracking debut is pure escapism of the best kind.

Try listening to this sitting still, almost impossible.

Linda McGee