Dublin girl-group Triniti, made up of Eve, Sharon and Laura, have recently put their names to the biggest record contract ever signed by a new group in Ireland. Expectations will therefore be high but, considering they have achieved such a feat, we haven't heard all that much about them - probably because this is not the market the three vocalists are aimed at.

The supremely gifted trio will most likely export the majority of their material and, much like Enya, achieve far more success outside of their home country than within. But that's often the nature of such folk-type music. And the worldwide success of Irish acts like Anuna proves that there is certainly an appreciation and demand for this type of export.

Triniti's self-titled debut is very impressive throughout, introducing three young ladies whose voices blend seamlessly together and whose harmonies are pretty much perfect. Opener 'Rose on Water' is the pick of the bunch - a perfect broken heart song that displays the depth of emotion and remarkable ranges in their voices.

'The Water Is Wide', 'Scarborough Fair', 'Glen of Imaal' and 'Kiss from A Rose' also show the girls at their very best vocally – with the musicality in their voices enveloping the listener, making accompaniment seem virtually unnecessary.

You also get the feeling that the group (who only perform barefooted) give off an overwhelming sense of maturity and professionalism, which is a great attitude to start their careers with. And, with the likes of Jim Aiken working on their live shows and Ross Cullum (who previously worked with Enya) producing, they have certainly secured a top team to give them the very best chance of making it in the cut-throat business.

Expect to hear much more about Triniti's international success in the coming years. Three pretty Irish girls with unique, angelic and slightly haunting, voices. They'll certainly mark their mark on the other side of the Atlantic.

Linda McGee