Universal – 2005 – 45 minutes

When you title your album 'Taller in More Ways' you are raising the bar of expectation, whether you intend to or not. For the Sugababes that was the first bad move.

This is a disappointing album from a group who have showed potential from the outset, but perhaps have weathered their many changes and various incarnations badly.

The opening track of the album, 'Push the Button', which has already achieved chart success, is the pick of the bunch. With an infectious beat and nice melody, it stands alone as instantly likeable - a no-nonsense, pure-pop single.

As the album progresses though, the content becomes tiring. There's nothing special about any of the other tracks, as the album jerks from up-tempo, offerings like 'Red Dress' to softer ballads like 'Follow Me Home'. Slight reprieve comes in the form of 'Ugly' and 'Better', but overall you end up becoming slightly oblivious to its content as the album meanders along, lacking in any real punch.

Considering this is the fourth album by the Sugababes, it's all the more disappointing that it's so instantly forgettable. Previous offerings, most notably 'Angels with Dirty Faces', offered more even and inspired collections of songs. Whereas 'Taller in More Ways' feels very much like an album for the sake of a comeback.

Linda McGee

Tracklisting: Push the Button – Gotta Be You – Follow Me Home – Joy Division – Red Dress – Ugly – It Ain't Easy – Bruised – Obsession – Ace Reject – Better – 2 Hearts