Mute - 2005 - 43 minutes

Doubtless someone will one day write a thesis on the amount of times the Goldfrapp track 'Lovely Head' from 2000's 'Felt Mountain' was use to soundtrack TV programmes and promos. Future research about 'Supernature' could prove time consuming too, given that so much of it seems destined for the jump to the small screen.

Catchier and more fun than 2003's 'Black Cherry', Alison Goldfrapp and musical partner Will Gregory have shined up songs whose lifespans are either directly linked to time on a dancefloor ('Ooh La La', 'Ride a White Horse') or will live on long after a night out ('Let It Take You', 'Time Out from the World').

Perhaps the greatest compliment that could be paid to 'Supernature' is that any track from it could be dropped into a compilation of the best synth moments from the 1980s and even the obscurists would nod approvingly.

Goldfrapp continues to be one of the most intriguing talents around, and deserves a bigger audience than she currently has. Now if only Gwen Stefani could find a window in her schedule...

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Ooh La La - Lovely 2 C U - Ride a White Horse - You Never Know - Let It Take You - Fly Me Away - Slide In - Koko - Satin Chic - Time Out from the World - Number 1