Persevere Records/Vital - 2005 - 47 minutes

Filled with the kind of music that you could adopt as the soundtrack for lazy summer afternoons, The Proclaimers' sixth studio album 'Restless Soul' is one for the top of your CD pile.

Craig and Charlie Reid have an extraordinarily unique singing talent, effortlessly blending their voices to produce highly-accented songs, that make their material instantly recognisable. Perhaps there's nothing on this latest album that will equal their previous successes, with tracks like 'Letter from America' and the much over-played 'I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)', but this collection is a wonderful testament to the lasting appeal of the brothers who have gone from strength to strength over the past 18 years.

It's hard to single out what the pick of 'Restless Soul' is and near impossible to find any great fault with it. Starting out with the uplifting 'When Love Struck You Down' and carrying this upbeat vibe through tracks like 'Turning Away' and 'One More Down', the brothers' album is highly charged with a depth of emotion and sheer enthusiasm for the music they produce. Equally impressive in the deeper songs like 'That's Better Now' and the mournful 'Now and Then', the Reids display a wonderful versatility in the variety of songs they deliver. Employing a beautiful range of musical instruments to set off tracks like 'Bound for Love' and witty and unique lyrics throughout, The Proclaimers have once again got it spot-on with this varied collection of tracks.

Perhaps what makes their music so likeable is the fact that their themes are 100% made up of the stuff of real life. Gloss and glamour aside, these guys sing about the fun, the pain and the reality of life and love. Mostly it's not politically correct, it's not concerned with fairness - it's just raw. And somehow The Proclaimers have a great talent for telling it like it is, with their particular band of highly infectious music.

Linda McGee

Tracklisting: When Love Struck You Down - Restless Soul - Turning Away - I'm Gone - That's Better Now - Everyday I Try - He Just Can't - Bound for Love - What I Saw In You - The One Who Loves You Now - She's Brighter - DIY - Now and Then - One More Down