Sony/BMG – 2005 – 43 minutes

With the disbanding of Blue, one of the better boybands of recent years, former member Lee Ryan has his sights set on solo stardom. If his debut is anything to go by, he has his work cut out.

First track 'Army of Lovers' is not bad, but it isn't brilliant either and unfortunately the rest of the album tends to follow this trend. Cheesy lyrics abound here, with the majority of songs about love or the loss of.

Ryan has a fantastically soulful voice that stood out among the voices of Blue, but his solo debut lacks the diversity that the rest of his former band-mates could have given it. Ryan alone doesn't deliver anything we haven't heard before and the result is disappointingly drab.

Tracks like 'Fly By' and 'One Love' marked Blue out from the crowd, but there's nothing here that will do that for Lee Ryan. 'Daydreamer' and 'Jump' are better than the rest, but Ryan is going to have a lot to do if he wants to stay in the game.

Blue fans be warned, 'Lee Ryan' is a less-than-stellar debut from an artist who's done much better work.

Katie Moten

Tracklisting: Army Of Lovers – Turn Your Car Around – When I Think Of You – Real Love – Parking – Wish The Whole World Knew – Close To You – Miss My Everything – Daydreamer – Jump – How Do I? – In The Morning