Universal – 2005 – 60 minutes

We haven't heard much of Swedish singer-songwriter Lisa Miskovsky in this part of the world, but with her debut album, 'Fallingwater', that's certain to change.

Opening with the poppy 'Lady Stardust', 'Fallingwater' lulls you into thinking that this is going to be another lightweight, sunny collection, but with 'Sing To Me' and 'You Dance Just Like Me', a more regretful note creeps in.

The emotional core of the album can be found in 'Sweet Dreams', a beautiful, stirring ballad that has reminders of Sarah MacLachlan and Aimee Mann. Miskovsky co-wrote the Backstreet Boys' 'Shape of My Heart' a few years back and it's clear her range has grown since. 'Restless Heart', 'One Dark Night' and 'Butterfly Man' also add to the emotional richness here.

Miskovsky's stunning vocal really lifts the collection into a whole new arena. Harmonising to herself on a few tracks, you get the wonderful sound of her voice almost echoing itself and it's really breathtaking.

Beautifully dreamy and thoughtfully introspective, 'Fallingwater' is a standout first album from a singer we will hopefully hear much more of.

Katie Moten

Tracklisting: Lady Stardust – A Brand New Day – Sing To Me – You Dance Just Like Me – Sweet Dreams – One Dark Night – Midnight Sun – Butterfly Man – Restless Heart – Joan Of Arc – Take Me By The Hand – Back To Stoneberry Road – Shells (Bonus Track) – Please Forgive Me (Bonus Track)