Warners - 2005 - 45 minutes

Garbage have enjoyed a longer run than many and, as the genesis of this album - scrapped sessions, a temporary break-up, Shirley Manson losing her voice - shows, they are nothing if not survivors, but 'Bleed Like Me' is too mediocre to admire.

Intent on rocking out, and as a result covering some of the same territory as their previous albums, there's nothing remarkable about the bluster of 'Boys Wanna Fight', 'Metal Heart' and 'Why Do You Love Me' - even Dave Grohl's guest drumming on 'Bad Boyfriend' can't drag the song above the predictable.

The album's sole ballad, 'It's All Over But the Crying', shows what
Garbage's next move should be: slow things down, use more shade and let Manson do an album of songs where her voice can wrap itself around the small hours. Staying on their current path will only leave her and her bandmates with plenty of requests for action movie soundtracks, but not many new fans.

If you're expecting scars here, you'll have to make do with superficial wounds.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Bad Boyfriend - Run Baby Run - Right Between the Eyes - Why Do You Love Me - Bleed Like Me - Metal Heart - Sex is Not the Enemy - It's All Over But the Crying - Boys Wanna Fight - Why Don’t You Come Over - Happy Home