Universal - 2004 - 52 minutes

From reality television to independence, there was always a 'never say die' attitude evident in the efforts of Darius. 'Just as well,' many might say.

His initial image and lyrical choice were far from what the music industry was in need of. But the rejuvenated, rough-around-the-edges Darius comes out on top with his second album 'Live Twice'.

Proof that image means more to the music than we would like to think, he is the ultimate advertisement for industry polishing and refining.

But when it comes down to the bare-naked music, there is something very pure about the songwriting of Darius Danesh that makes you feel like his music is genuine and that his lyrics are his own, most notably in the powerful title track. He is the kind of artist that seems to produce a deeply personal statement, that also has the ability to reach out to others.

Darius also boasts an amazing ability to alter the intonation of his voice to wonderful effect throughout the album, from soft ballads like 'Journey's End' to the more uptempo tracks like 'Kinda Love', and even a little swing in 'Devil In You'.

'Live Twice' is, on the whole, a collection of funky pop tracks from an artist whose career, by the law of averages, should have ended a long time ago.

While it's not spectacular, 'Live Twice' is a lot more than average.

Linda McGee

Tracklisting: Kinda Love - Live Twice - How Do You Like It? - Better Man - Resolution - Stars Crash Down - Save Me - If I Could - Only You - Love To Love - Journey's End - Devil In You.