Universal/Polydor - 2004 - 51 minutes

In the world of reality television overload you'd be forgiven for writing Girls Aloud off as just another short-lived talent show product. But somehow it's very easy to forget the group's origins when you look at how far they've come. Five girls plucked from obscurity is no longer what you think of when you hear this outfit. Unified, harmonious and, quite simply, talented, Girls Aloud have nailed their market.

This is a near perfect pop album. It's got everything - the token soppy songs, the more infectious party tracks that swallow them up and a real harmony of content throughout. With contemporary themes, Girls Aloud breathe enthusiasm and life into their vivacious and engulfing tunes.

They're brash, in-your-face, full-on pop and they make no apologies for it. And whether or not you like their particular brand of cheeky pop, you've got to respect the heart that comes across in their music. From the peppy 'Jump', taken from the 'Love Actually' soundtrack, down to the deep and spirited 'Hear Me Out', Girls Aloud exude an overt self-confidence in their work.

'What Will the Neighbours Say?' is packed with flirtatious invitations to the dancefloor. After just a single listen you'll be hooked. There's pretty much nothing to dislike, even if you're not completely sold on girlie pop. They can sing (very well in fact). They've made covers their own and produced originals that are catchy, zealous and surely future chart-toppers.

Linda McGee

Tracklisting: The Show - Love Machine - I'll Stand By You - Jump - Wake Me Up - Deadlines and Diets - Big Brother - Hear Me Out - Graffiti My Soul - Real Life - Here We Go - Thank Me Daddy - I Say A Prayer For You - 100 Different Ways