Aftermath – 2004 - 76 minutes

Enduring this rich boy/with a mouth like a sewer/you reckon it's easy/being a record reviewer?/it ain't/it's too tough/my editor's rough/life ain't no party/listening to records this duff/self-pitying whining/and school-level gags/lifeless production/this album sure drags.

You've still got the verbals/there's no beating your flow/but lyrically you can't find a new way to go/there's far too much hating/your themes are now grating/your weary opinions are in need of updating/it's a laugh when you say/"I'm not bitter and twisted"/you sound like you wish your life never existed/and I love the new way/you're political these days/so right on, a hero/(barring women and gays).

And if it's so bad being famous/I know where you went wrong/stop releasing these albums/you'll be obscure before long.

Luke McManus

Tracklisting: (Curtains Up - Encore version) - Evil Deeds - Never Enough - Yellow Brick Road - Like Toy Soldiers - Mosh - Puke - My 1st Single - Paul (skit) - Rain Man - Big Weenie - Em Calls Paul (skit) - Just Lose It - Ass Like That - Spend Some Time Mockingbird - Crazy In Love - One Shot 2 Shot - Final Thought (skit) - Encore/Curtains Down