Matador - 2004 - 41 minutes

With their after midnight sound of ominous bass and chilly guitars, listening to Interpol inevitably leads to wishing that daylight is at least a day away. The prospect of them writing a cheery hit is as remote as frontman Paul Banks' vocals, but here's the twist: you'll be singing along to 'Antics' in no time.

Many were impressed with their Joy Division-flavoured debut 'Turn On the Bright Lights', but the follow-up eclipses everything the New York four-piece achieved on that record.

Interpol have now figured out how to be dramatic and catchy at the same time and whereas the dancing potential on '...Bright Lights' was largely confined to recovering goths or the very drunk, the likes of 'Evil' and 'Narc' here should lead to unconfined - and guilt-free - posing and mugging.

Even when the intensity dips at the end, Interpol have still come up with one of the year's best - they sound so classy here that you feel you should dress up just to play them. And so good that you can't even begrudge them their fringes.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Next Exit - Evil - Narc - Take You on a Cruise - Slow Hands - Not Even Jail - Public Pervert - C'Mere - Length of Love - A Time to Be So Small