BMG - 2004 - 56 minutes

Anyone who says that Natasha Bedingfield has found fame on the back on her brother Daniel's success hasn't taken the time out to listen to this album. Beginning to end, 'Unwritten' is a near-faultless collection of songs. From the poetic hip-hop chart-topper 'These Words' right down to the soulful ballad 'I Bruise Easily', the content of this album is both impressive and broadranging.

Bedingfield sings about real life. There's no forced gloss or sickeningly over-produced finish, as is evident in her crackin' kick-ass lyrics. There's the contemporary vibe of techno mixes in one track, then the beautiful simplicity of naturally talented vocals, virtually stand-alone, in the next.

Listening to the collection you can tell that there's a lot of Natasha in here. The content is deep and personal. Bedingfield has always said that she didn't want to write music and then put any old lyrics to it. She wanted a complete package that she could say was distinctly her creation. And from the up-tempo tracks 'I'm A Bomb' and 'If You're Gonna', down to the heartfelt title track, the album oozes class.

If you're looking for something vibrant, feel-good and infectious, it's all here. It's hard to identify even one filler on 'Unwritten' and even more difficult to predict the next single for which chart success beckons, but smart money would have to say that Natasha Bedingfield is on the up. As her advice in 'If You're Gonna' suggests she doesn't do things by half measures. "If you're gonna be a singer, then you better be a rock star…'Cos I'm looking for a guard dog, not buying a Chihuahua!"

Who'd have thought that dead poets and a drum machine could produce something quite so extraordinary?

Tracklisting: These Words - Single - I'm A Bomb - Unwritten - I Bruise Easily - If You're Gonna - Silent Movie - We're All Mad - Frogs & Princes - Drop Me In The Middle (featuring Bizarre of D-12) - Wild Horses - Size Matters - Peace Of Me