Ten Club - 2004 - 150 minutes

Pearl Jam's 1992 appearance on MTV's 'Unplugged' gave the series one of its most memorable performances - not in the same league as Nirvana's the following year, but an early glimpse that there was more to the band than many gave them credit for.

Recorded at the height of their 'Ten' fame, it was never released as an album and fans have had to content themselves with worn down VHS copies, bootleg DVDs and burned CDs.

Now, the stripped down performance from their Benaroya Hall charity gig in Seattle shows just how much Pearl Jam have changed and grown in those 12 years. This setlist is a 'Greatest Hits That Never Were' that arguably captures the sextet better than any of their studio albums.

Of the 'Ten' songs, only 'Black' remains (with just one song apiece from the subsequent two records), but the depth and quality of the material in their place should prove a revelation to those not familiar with albums like 'No Code' 'Binaural' and 'Riot Act'.

Since their 2000 tour, Pearl Jam have released over 100 live albums on CD through their fanclub. If you had to own one of them, this would be it. Neither cash-in or contrived, just one of the best live albums of recent years.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting CD 1: Of the Girl - Low Light - Thumbing My Way - Thin Air - Fatal - Nothing As It Seems - Man of the Hour - Immortality - Off He Goes - Around the Bend - I Believe in Miracles - Sleight of Hand - All Or None - Lukin

Tracklisting CD 2: Parting Ways - Down - Encore Break - Can't Keep - Dead Man - Masters of War - Black - Crazy Mary - 25 Minutes to Go - Daughter - Encore Break -Yellow Leadbetter