Regal - 2004 - 50 minutes

"For every warm embrace...the taste of getting burned," warns Dublin singer Cathy Davey on her debut. And if ever a lyric should be the sticker on the front of an album that's it, perfectly summing up what's waiting inside.

Songs here like 'Hammerhead' and 'Holy Moly' should only come out after dark, but they share headspace beside the sunny sounds of 'Go Make It' and 'Clean & Neat' with no trouble.

Along with Blur/Elbow producer Ben Hillier, Davey's crafted her songs into a collection that's high on presence and very low on filler. Countless soundtracks should beckon, and hopefully a lot more besides.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Come Over - Trade Secret - Cold Man's Nightmare - Clean & Neat - Hammerhead - Old Man Rain - Swing It - Yak Yak - Go Make It - Sugar - Holy Moly - Save But Ton - About Time Mine for Keeps