Marro Records - 2004 - 38 minutes

From the woman who milked girl power to the absolute limit comes the aptly titled 'The Good, The Bad, The Ugly' and, from total aggression to love-struck beats, it delivers with style.

Frankee's response to Eamon's 'I Don't Want You Back' became one of the most highly publicised releases of the year - and a smart move from the streetwise little lady. 'F U Right Back' was the perfect launch pad for this album, appealing to women scorned everywhere. Not only did it have the desired effect of knocking Eamon off the top spot in the charts in most countries where the two competed but it also ensured that nobody would forget the name Frankee in a hurry.

And whether you dare to buy this album on the strength of that first single or with some liberated independent woman notion, the content is unlikely to disappoint. It's the kind of album that party girls should put on as they get ready for a night on the town.

Frankee's idea of segregating her varying content into three chapters really works. Whereas different styles can sometimes cause disarray within an album, with 'The Good, The Bad, The Ugly' what you see is exactly what you get. The move from brighter upbeat tunes to ones that are downright bitter is a slick progression and the content unifies as it travels full circle on it's emotional human rollercoaster.

Tracks like 'I Do Me', 'In Love With Me' and 'Gotta Man' combine R&B and hip-hop styles and are potential big mainstream hits. Into the mix, tracks like 'Him' and 'I Told You So' explore the range of Frankee's vocals more and introduce a different style of music. This album is peppy, full of energetic vibes and most of all completely in your face. It grabs you with the first listen.

So if it's straight-up language and bad-ass girl power you're looking for, Frankee is your lady.

Linda McGee

Tracklisting: Chapter 1: The Good: I Do Me - How You Do - In Love With Me - I'm Leaving - Gotta Man; Chapter 2: The Bad: Who The Hell Are You - Him - I Told You So; Chapter 3: The Ugly: Hell No - Don't Be Mad - F U Right Back.