Arista - 2004 - 43 minutes

Lavigne's 2002 debut 'Let Go' introduced us to her personal brand of rock chick-meets-innocent schoolgirl. Tracks like 'Losing Grip' and 'Complicated' showed her at her most vulnerable and at her strongest. 'Under My Skin', however, has too much harsh rock and not enough of Lavigne's softer side.

Relationships are the main focus of this collection with a lot of emphasis on being strong and knowing what you want. 'Don't Tell Me' and 'He Wasn't' send a clear message to female listeners, which is commendable. The trouble is that the emotion of these songs is lost amid the beat of the drums and the hum of guitar chords. Even 'Slipped Away', a song about Lavigne's grandfather's death is too much rock and not enough feeling.

'I'm With You', a hit from her first album and arguably her best work, proved that Lavigne has a good voice, full of depth and feeling, but this collection has no song that showcases that talent. It sounds as though Lavigne constantly battling with the music.

Listening to this makes you realise exactly how good Lavigne's first album is. This is one offering that might get under your skin, but for all the wrong reasons.

Katie Moten

Tracklisting: Take Me Away - Together - Don't Tell Me - He Wasn't - How Does It Feel - My Happy Ending - Nobody's Home - Forgotten - Who Knows - Fall to Pieces - Freak Out - Slipped Away - (Bonus Track) I Always Get What I Want