Vertigo/13 Amp - 2004 - 41 minutes

This record was originally meant to come out last year but got stuck in label politics. A lot of people will now have to deal with after-the-fact anger when they fall for it.

Vinny Cafioso and Tabitha Tindale had some all-star help with 'American Whip' - Kevin Shields and David Holmes both produced - but the songs here would still be enchanting if recorded on a four-track in a basement with neighbours banging on the walls.

With the guitars set to 'drone' and strings tuned to shimmer, Cafioso and Tindale swap and share vocals and make you smile even when singing a line like "I'm getting tired of life".

It's an album that manages to be sunny and cool at the same time, that you'd get away with playing at a picnic or on the darkest of nights and whose creators should be grinning as widely as their new found fans. After all, if you've got it, ahem, flog it.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Sunstroke - Christmas Song - Baby You Should Know - 33x - Out of the Sun - Drugs - Dosed and Became Invisible - Alzheimers - Ron - In the Neverending Search for a Suitable Enemy - VSX - Valley Stream