Universal - 2004 - 76 minutes

Ten years and four albums after their 1993 breakthrough, Counting Crows have released a greatest hits collection that should please old fans as well as gaining some new ones.

Crows classics, such as 'Mr Jones' and 'Mrs Potter's Lullaby', accompany new covers of The Grateful Dead's 'Friend of the Devil' and Joni Mitchell's 'Big Yellow Taxi' showcasing a unique style in tandem with an evocative slice of Americana.

Frontman and lyricist Adam Duritz deserves acclaim for the emotional and haunting visions in his songs. Tracks like 'Rain King' and 'A Long December' convey intimacy and a sense of sadness or hopelessness, which is heart warming rather than depressing.

It is difficult to characterise Counting Crows' musical style. Elements of rock and country combine with the laid back feel of the songs to create an intimate and sentimental tone.

There is plenty to enjoy here, both lyrically and musically, and anyone who hasn't yet discovered Counting Crows would do well to give this a listen.

Katie Moten

Tracklisting: Angels of the Silences - Round Here - Rain King - A Long December - Hanginaround - Mrs. Potter's Lullaby - Mr Jones - Recovering the Satellites - American Girls - Big Yellow Taxi - Omaha - Friend of the Devil (New Recording) - Einstein on the Beach (For an Eggman) - Anna Begins - Holiday in Spain - She Don't Want Nobody Near (New Recording) - Blues Run the Game (Live from Amsterdam)