Universal - 2003 - 62 minutes

Marking their twentieth year in the business, the Bon Jovi boys have created a greatest hits compilation with a twist, reworking some of their best-known songs in a more acoustic vein.

For a band credited with starting the unplugged movement, this 'left turn' is not that unusual. However, it is surprising how different many of the songs become when they've been pared back. 'Livin' On a Prayer' becomes a soulful duet, with Olivia d'Abo (Fred Savage's sister on The Wonder Years) singing along with Jon Bon Jovi. 'It's My Life', becomes more introspective and 'Keep The Faith' is now a heartfelt prayer.

Naturally, fans know the songs, so the real test is whether these new versions stand up to the old ones - and they do. This collection shows how the music can change lyrics, bringing new life and meaning to them.

This is a brave move for a band so associated with stadium rock. Hard-core fans may not appreciate such a toned down, acoustic offering, but the band should be commended for pulling it off so well. The songs sound great and these new versions are sure to become classics in their own right. In short 'This Left...' really does feel right.

Katie Moten

Tracklisting: Wanted Dead Or Alive - Livin' On A Prayer (featuring Olivia d'Abo) - Bad Medicine - It's My Life - Lay Your Hands On Me - You Give Love A Bad Name - Bed Of Roses - Everyday - Born to Be My Baby - Keep The Faith - I'll Be There For You - Always - The Distance (Live) - Joey (Live)