Arista – 2002

1968: George A Romero's 'Night of the Living Dead' stuns cinema viewers with its unflinching portrayal of human society under attack from mysteriously revived corpses, filled with a burning malice for all that is decent and upstanding. 2002: Both Carlos Santana and Phil Collins release albums.

OK, maybe the analogy is a little harsh. But, I would rather be ripped apart by flesh-eating zombies than listen to a Phil Collins album. Carlos Santana on the other hand has had occasional moments of quality. Unfortunately 'Shaman' is not one of them.

Santana's comeback album, 1999's Supernatural, boasted a couple of golden nuggets among the neo-Latin dross. The match-ups with Lauryn Hill and ex-House of Pain front man Everlast were particularly effective and the album sold by the truckload. Carlos was the toast of the music business, combining the post-Beuna Vista Latin audience with the classic rock market and making several fortunes in the process.

The sequel is unspeakable. Desperate for the ultimate crossover, the record company has stuffed the album with guests. In a subtle play for the Latin/Pop/Soul/R'n'B/Hip-hop/Classic Rock/Opera/ Singer-Songwriter/Nu Metal market, Supernatural features appearances from (deep breath) Dido, Seal, Ozmalti, P.O.D., Nickelback, Macy Gray, Michelle Branch, Placido Domingo and some other people I've never heard of.

The result, predictably, is the worst of all worlds. The only cohesion is provided by the man himself, whose tired guitar hysterics squall through this mish-mash of hideous melody and over-production like a pack of rats through a skipful of refuse.

The only amusement to be derived is laughing at the range of Carlos-branded products advertised on the CD sleeve. Men's Neckwear? Candles & Body Lotions? Inspirational Cards & Journals? Carlos obviously expended all his inspiration on his Cards and Journals because there is none to be found on'Shaman'.

Symbolic of everything that is wrong with the music industry. Bin it.

Luke McManus

Tracklisting: Adouma - Nothing At All (Featuring Musiq) - The Game Of Love (Featuring Michelle Branch) - You Are My Kind (Featuring Seal) – Amore (Sexo) (Featuring Macy Gray) - Foo Foo - Victory Is Won - America (Featuring P.O.D.) - Sideways (Featuring Citizen Cope) - Why Don't You & I (Featuring Chad Kroeger from Nickelback) - Feels Like Fire (Featuring Dido) - Let Me Love You Tonight - Aye Aye Aye - Hoy Es Adios (Featuring Alejandro Lerner) - One Of These Days (Featuring Ozomatli) - Novus (Featuring Placido Domingo)