RCA - 2002 - 52 minutes

"I know there's been a lot of demand from fans for my new material and I can't wait to see the response," said Will. Well, the wait is over and Young's debut album is currently sitting on record store shelves alongside Elvis, The Rolling Stones and Coldplay, but something tells me if we weren't approaching the busy Christmas market, it would certainly join the lower end of the chart. What we're presented with, along with covers of Westlife, The Beatles and The Doors (or should that be remix?) are 10 tracks which have been in production over the past 9 months or so.

Since the end of 'Pop Idol' (is it just me or do we keep forgetting that he, and not Gareth, was the outright winner?), Will has been busy putting together the elements of his debut. It's no surprise to hear he's been writing with former 80's diva Cathy Dennis - who penned Kylie's 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' - the surprise is the appearance of Burt Bacharach as a writer. It's just a shame that 'What's In Goodbye' is more suited to an elevator than a cocktail lounge.

As peculiar as 'Light My Fire' was, it did give an overview of Will's impressive vocal range. What this album needs is less humming and strumming, and more of the intensity evident in 'Fine Line' and 'Side By Side'. The music is well-produced, but it just doesn't seem to fit Will. It would be great to see him rock-out Avril Lavigne-style, up-tempo à la Kylie or even salsa like Ricky Martin, but that might be expecting a bit much. A little loosening-up perhaps? Will is far too young for sipping cocktails with Burt.

David Byrne

Tracklisting: Evergreen - Anything Is Possible - Light My Fire - Lover Won't You Stay - Lovestruck - The Long And Winding Road - You And I - Side By Side - What's In Goodbye - Cruel To Be Kind - Over You - From Now On - Fine Line