Epic - 2002 - 60 minutes

Titling your latest album 'Untouchables' may seem like the height of arrogance, but given that they invented the whole nu-metal genre with their 1994 debut, Korn have more reason to boast than most. But three years and as many million in the making, it's hard not to feel that 'Untouchables' should be something more than a state-of-the-art lesson to their peers.

Sure, it has some great moments, but for much of the time 'Untouchables' is exactly what you'd expect a Korn record to be: dense, downtuned and reeking of desperation. But five albums in, more invention is needed. The tracks when it arrives in style - frontman Jonathan Davis' singing voice on 'Blame', the electro feel to 'Hollow Life' - say Korn are ready to leave the very scene they created but you just wish that courage ran through the whole album - most of the time you know the story of these songs already.

That said, 'Untouchables' will sell lots and mean even more to the people who buy it and once again Korn have distanced themselves from the chasing pack. But as the Deftones proved on 'The White Pony', sometimes an about turn kicks up the biggest trail of dust.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Here to Stay - Make Believe - Blame - Hollow Life - Bottled Up Inside - Thoughtless - Hating - One More Time - Alone I Break - Embrace - Beat it Upright -Wake up Hate - I'm Hiding - No One's There