Mojo/Jive - 2002 - 43 minutes

They may have done more than their bit for three chords and two-minute anthems over the last eight years, but four albums in Californian punkers Goldfinger show no signs of growing up or slowing down.

Mixing humour with killer choruses, the quartet charges through 18 songs about the dilemmas facing people with piercings and chain wallets - even finding time for a hilarious lampooning of nu-metal on the 50-second 'Woodchuck'.

On the likes of 'Spokesman', 'Dad' and 'January' they come up with pop moments to rival anything to emerge from the amps of Blink 182 and while there's nothing life-affirmingly original about their sound, they do it better than the rest of the pogoing cast of thousands.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting:Going Home - Spokesman - Open Your Eyes - Decision - Dad - Tell Me - Liar - January - Happy - Woodchuck - It's Your Life - Spank Bank - Youth - Radio - FTN - The Upper Hand - Spokesman (German Version)