Duna – 2002 – 45 minutes

As the tub thumper propelling Kyuss and Fu Manchu through a series of acclaimed albums, Brant Bjork has secured his high place in the history of stoner rock.

But, as his second album shows, he's more than just someone who hits things. With its tight intimate sound and Bjork on nearly every instrument, the album boogies like the best 70's rawk, but when it veers away from the riffs you can see that there's a more adventurous musician coming out.

'Kinda 65' is Beck if he grew his hair, 'Electric Lalli' could be the work of a post-rock fetishist and 'Cocoa Butter' would have any jazz fan rubbing their goatee in approval – and all three are the songs you'll return to even after you've blown out your speakers with the seven other tracks.

Bjork's former Kyuss bandmate Josh Homme has achieved great crossover success with his group Queens of the Stone Age, with the sounds on this album, the man who sat behind him could go the same way.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Kinda 65 - Smarty Pants - My Ghettoblaster - Electric Lalli - From the Ground Up (We Just Stay the Same) - Cheap Wine - Cocoa Butter - Joey's Radio - Captain Lovestar - Kinda 65 (Return Flight)