13 Amp – 2002 – 52 minutes

It's been a good year for compilations to date, the mighty Rough Trade electronica retrospective and Soulwax's ubiquitous 'Too Many DJs' are already contenders for release of the year.

The latest release from Belfast's resident soundtrack artist is a creative compilation featuring some dusty jewels from Holmes' considerable musical attic, interspersed with tracks from his latest musical project, The Free Association.

Holmes is decidedly not on a dancefloor tip with 'Come Get It I Got It'. The album plays like a sourcebook for his moody movie music, and digs deep with roots cuts like Sixto Rodriguez's epic, the haunting 'Sugarman', and the blues psychedelia of Muddy Water's 'Tom Cat'.

Cyril Neville's 'Gossip' is exemplary sitar-twanging New Orleans funk, and the bizarre early electro of Andre Perry's 'Ode A L'Affaire' is surely a close cousin of his namesake's legendary EVA (the sample source for Gangstarr's classic 'Just To Get A Rep').

Such is the reach to 'Come Get It I Got It' that the gurning beathounds will be a little confounded by its eclecticism – it's more John Kelly than Jon Carter. But for vinyl gourmets, 'Come Get It I Got It' is a delicious treat.

Luke McManus

Tracklisting: Intro - Sugarman (Rodriguez) - Effectin' (Free Association) - Nobody (Hodges, James, Smith and Crawford) - Tom Cat (Muddy Waters) - The Johnny Otis Show (Country Girl) - Rex Garvin and the Mighty Cravers (Strange Happenings) - Harold Alexander (Mama Soul) - Free Association (Don't Mess Hair) - Free Association (Start of Something) - Ray Bryant (Up Above the Rock) - Cyril Neville (Gossip) - A Fascinating Musical Experience (The Monster) - Jujus (Sweet Songs) - Betty Adams (Make It Real (Ride On) - The Staple Singers (Why (Am I Treated So Bad?) - Free Association (This Could Be Your Sister) - Free Association (Salut La Dolce Vita Pt. 1) - Free Association (House Music) - Johnny Jones and the King Casuals (Purple Haze) - Free Association (Salut La Dolce Vita Pt. 2) - Valentin Mehlers (Herbsplatte 69) - The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra (Stars and Rockets) - Andre Perry (Ode A L'Affaire) - Free Association (Sounds Phoney) - Free Association (Don't Believe A Word)