Roadrunner - 2001 - 39 minutes

The latest exponents of furrowed brow rock to make it big on both sides of the Atlantic (peers: Staind, Creed), Nickelback's sound will set the memories a-spinning for anyone who lived through grunge the first time round. Produced by Rick Parashar, the man who helmed Pearl Jam's 'Ten' (all of eleven years ago!), their sound harks back to that time when the likes of Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and a cast of thousands ruled the racks in record stores worldwide.

While not a trailblazing entry in musical history 'Silver Side Up' proves that Nickelback aren't exactly one hit wonders who'll take their million-selling single and retire quietly to the festival circuit in Germany and Japan. Sure, the inescapable 'How You Remind Me', has become the song that housewives, metal kids and even country fans can agree on, but there are plenty of tracks here that can hold their own beside it - from the broody, family crisis of 'Too Bad' to the classic 70's feel of 'Good Times Gone'. And even though it's the slow songs which suit their sound and vocalist Mike Kroeger best, you'll still find yourself throwing your ultimate metal god face in the mirror when they speed up the riffs.

They might only be two albums old, but already Nickelback have the sound of one of those bands who will grow old with their fans and still be selling by the arena load ten years down the line. By which time of course you'll be able to clear a party, 'Stairway to Heaven' style by sticking 'How Your Remind Me' on the stereo.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Never Again - How You Remind Me - Woke Up This Morning - Too Bad - Just For Hollywood - Money Bought - Where Do I Hide - Hangnail - Good Times Gone