Rocket Girl - 2002 - 43 minutes

After a couple of well received but hush hush singles, Coldharbourstores get around to their debut album proper. And the songs are so sad but such a release that you wonder whether the studio was flooded out with tears when they recorded them.

Built around the wistful vocals of Daniel Bowling and gorgeous guitars, the 'Stores are yet another one of those great outfits that can recycle heartbreak and turn it into a record that can lift you out of your own. With a great live feel (courtesy of former Bark Psychosis man Graham Sutton), 'One More...' manages to sound both detached and immediate.

The likes of 'Short Stay' and 'No Such Thing' suggest that you'd have to wear waders to cope with the outpouring of emotion if you ever saw them live. The ghostly feel of the Cocteau Twins may glide across most of the songs but when was that ever a bad thing?

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Short Stay - Four Threats - Long Ago - Trouble - Unclear - Overleaf - Wonders Never Cease - No Such Thing - Buck - Hold