Radioactive - 2002 - 48 minutes

Cyclefly were trumpeted as the next big thing when they released their debut album 'Generation Sap' back in 1999, but in the years in between the Irish/Italian quintet have watched the nu-metal juggernaut pass them by, with the likes of Linkin Park, Papa Roach and many other US outfits making the big breakthroughs. 'Crave' however, could be the album to change all that and see them back in the fast lane again.

For amp worshippers there are plenty of moments where they try to riff it out with the big boys, but curiously the best moments come when Cyclefly take their feet off the pedals. The slower songs suit vocalist Declan O'Shea far better, with the title track and 'King for a Day' mixing swirling melancholy with a quiet-is-our-new-loud energy that their peers can't really muster. Pushed in the right way, these tracks and the poppy 'Drive' could find them winning an audience they never really expected.

'Crave' is very much a case of a band with a work in progress sign hanging over their heads. Big labels don't usually see such things, but hopefully Cyclefly will be given the downtime to finish what the started on their next album. And while the presence of Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington on the much-hyped 'Karma Killer' suggests that more people will take notice of Cyclefly this time 'round, the truth is that at their best they don't need guest stars.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: No Stress - Karma Killer - Selophane Fixtures - Crave - Drive - Crowns - Lost Opinion - King for a Day - Fallen Wishes - Bulletproof - Tales from the Fishbowl - Weary - Accidental Ornament