Barclay/Universal - 2001 - 48 minutes

When French duo Modjo cooked up Chic's 'Soup for One' and served it as their single 'Lady (Hear Me Tonight)' at the tail end of 2000, you could be forgiven for thinking that here was an outfit who would challenge Daft Punk for the Gallic dance crown.

In the interim Modjo continued their chart success with 'Chillin' (using another Chic riff) but Daft Punk released the superb 'Discovery' album. Now it's Modjo's turn to reply but their debut makes you wonder how you ever thought they were in the 'Punk's league.

Yes it contains three great moments - the instrumental 'Acknowledgement' and their two hit singles - but the rest of the album is a hastily arranged rehash of bargain bin beats and moods, best suited to a throwaway compilation than a debut album per se.

It ranges from the J-Lo style 'Peace of Mind' to the poor retro of 'Music Takes You Back' – songs you'd dance to but would never remember once you step out from under the lights. Bizarrely, it seems that Modjo themselves are aware of their shortcomings because there's also a second CD of videos, remixes and alternate versions ready for when you've finished listening to the album proper. It looks like a desperate move and unless you want to see the 'Lady' video again there's nothing to get excited about.

One Modjo that's definitely not working.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Acknowledgement - Chillin' - Lady (Hear Me Tonight) - Too Good To Be True - Peace of Mind - What I Mean - Music Takes You Back - No More Tears - Rollercoaster - On Fire - Savior Eyes