Virgin – 2001 – 45 minutes

What's happening here? As everyone's favourite filter-happy Parisians kept the world waiting five years for the follow-up to their awesome debut 'Homework', this - the band's second offering of 2001 – must surely be a testament to their Gallic eccentricity?

Not exactly. The scratching, burning intensity of 'Homework' seems a lot time ago now, and the rebellious bedroom spirits who gave us stone-cold classics like 'Around The World' and 'Revolution 909' later turned into air-brushed soft-rock warriors on their second album, 'Discovery'.

Maybe the Punk are getting nostalgic before their time. 'Alive' is a snapshot of Daft Punk's first live outings, a mauling, a mixed-up, musical mess of their original sound. Snippets of 'Rollin' And Scratchin'', 'Da Funk' and other stand outs from 'Homework' are fed through the mighty mixer in front of a baying Birmingham crowd.

Recorded in one take in a live club situation, 'Alive' marks the return of a favourite from the 1970s, the official bootleg. And it sounds like one as well, this is not a record to sit at home listening too. If anything, 'Alive' would sound best booming from the club underneath your hotel room in Aiya Napa. Its dirty, shapeless grooves judder from the speakers, and though the cutting is far from perfect, it has a lot more energy than 99% of the slick mix albums on the shelves at your local HMV.

Still, we've heard it all before, and this not really a new Daft Punk album. As a magazine cover CD, this would be legendary, as a full-price album, c'est pas mal...

Luke McManus

Tracklisting: Wdpk (Part I) (Live) - Da Funk (Live) - Rollin' and Scratchin' (Live) - Wdpk (Part II) (Live) - Alive (Live)